Live Healthy, Happy, and Toxin Free

Have you been told that the only way to control your symptoms is to use medication?

Seva Live believes in managing lifestyle changes before introducing medications. Lifestyle intervention has
proven more effective than most highly prescribed medications.

Night Sweats

Dry Mouth

Frequent Urination

Bad Breath

Tooth Aches

Frequent Headaches


Difficulty Sleeping


Weight Gain

Stomach Bloating


“I just received my lab results and they were surprising and shocking to both the my doctor and me. They are FABULOUS. Kidney and Liver are doing great. Cholesterol was amazing. My Blood Pressure meant no medication. At my mature age, all of the above items are a concern. I continued weeks 2 and 3 of the Plan. Monthly, I detox for one week and follow the healthy fruit and vegetable way of living at other times. Again, thank you, Susan, for your support, because when you have your health, you have everything.”


Meet Dr. Susan Stukes

The healthcare professional with the answers you’ve been seeking.

Dr. Susan Stukes

Certified Health Coach, Oral Health Specialist and Whole Health Practitioner

Seva Life, the company that Dr. Susan Stukes started 5 years ago, uses the latest online technology, home testing procedures, Telehealth video appointments, along with personalized guidance and support to direct you through the steps to living the healthy, happy life you always envisioned.

As a whole health practitioner, Dr. Susan Stukes has centered her practice around whole person health and prevention service, which means she takes everything that you encounter into consideration when prescribing a plan of action including your health history, your family history, your preferences, and your health goals.

Dr. Susan Stukes will steer you towards getting healthy, staying healthy, and living a long life using preventative care techniques and employing healthy lifestyle changes. As the leader of her team of experts, she is committed to lowering your risk of being diagnosed with a chronic disease or condition.