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Saliva Tests – Accuracy and Convenience

Getting tested for a food allergy, sometimes referred to as a food sensitivity, is so important for your whole-body health. If your food sensitivity continues going ignored and untreated then you are open to developing a range of health issues. Not everyone experiences symptoms with their food sensitivities so while you may think that you are okay, you may actually be suffering from a silent food allergy. For the sake of completing a simple test in the comfort of your own home, your health will not be put at further risk.

It goes unsaid that if your test results come back and show up any type of food allergy, then you should immediately stop consuming products that contain it.

Advantages of Saliva Testing

Completing a saliva test offers many more benefits than the typical blood test. For one, doing a saliva test does not mean a trip to the doctors as it can be done at home, which makes for a far less invasive type of testing. When you go for a blood test you need to be seen by someone who is trained at doing it, therefore saliva tests are far more convenient for people who do not have the time for a trip to the doctors. Especially when you may not be experiencing any symptoms and therefore are not sure whether you actually have a food allergy, or not.

Saliva samples can also be stored for up to weeks at a time, whereas blood samples need to be tested very soon after the blood withdrawal. This means that you can take multiple samples with no rush of sending them off within a certain timeslot. You can send off your test samples when it is most convenient for you.

Additionally, as the hormone levels that will tested can vary according to the day or month, you can also take multiple samples over the course of a month to send off to the laboratory. This is something that you cannot be so easily with blood testing, as every single sample would mean a trip to the doctors. Whereas you could take a saliva sample within seconds and store it at home.


Saliva tests offer an excellent success rate with being up to 92-96% more accurate than blood testing. This further adds to the convenience of completing a saliva test, as you can be sure that your test result is the best it can be. An additional advantage here is that when you complete your saliva test you can supply the company with multiple samples, something you cannot do so easily with blood testing without putting yourself at risk.

Blood testing is also much less affordable than the home-kits for saliva testing. So not only can you do it yourself but it will also be far more accurate and cheaper than blood testing at a hospital.

How You Get Your Result

Once you have taken your saliva sample and sent it off the laboratory for testing, they will complete an in-depth test to give you your result.

When you complete your blood tests, there are minimal areas that can be tested in the lab. Within your tissues, your body has hormones called “bound hormone levels” and this is what your blood test looks at. However, when you complete a saliva test they will look into your “unbound hormone levels”. These hormone levels are what provides the laboratory with a far more accurate reading as the unbound hormones are what is available to be potentially used by your body’s tissues. The bound hormones can only show what is currently present in your tissues. Therefore, saliva testing offers a far more in-depth result than a blood sample can.

In summary, with the advantages for a cheaper test kit that you can complete at home and receive back far more accurate results, saliva testing is better overall than blood tests.

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