When it is about working out and getting in shape, there are many resources to keep you motivated and keep you focused on your fitness goals but the question is which is the best fitness app or a gym membership?

When it is about taking a gym membership the very first barrier is the cost. These days the membership fees of the gym can really hit hard on your budget because the average gym membership cost is approximate $800 per year which does not sound like a pocket-friendly investment. Because taking membership is one thing and heading to the gym regularly is another thing. Almost half of the membership fees will be underutilized because half of the gym members don’t go to the gym regularly. This is like buying a horse and never riding it!

To add to up to the more negatives, canceling the gym membership is a pain in the ass. So why to take a gym membership and waste the money when we are not going to regular hit the gym? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a year behind gym membership the best alternative is using health tracker app. Fitness apps are the best if people don’t want to spend money on gym membership.

There are hundreds of heath tracker apps available these days that will help you push yourself and will also have a personal coach for training helping you to reach your targeted goals by guiding you to take up challenging exercises, customized routines, and meal plans. Another best thing is that you are not bound to do planks or crunches but you can do whatever you enjoy like biking; yoga, cycling, and mobile tracker apps will help you meet your wellness goals at a fraction of the cost or with no cost.

No doubt there are many health tracker apps, but not every app provides your guidance from the expert training coach. If you are the one who is looking for accountability and guidance from the experts via health tracker app, then we are here to offer you Wellness on Wheels (WOW) mobile program that will help and support you and monitor your progress and will recommend you what to eat and how much exercise to do to reach your wellness goals.

So take10 day’s risk-free trial of WOW and you will know it is far better than paying membership fees at a gym!

Here are the reasons why WOW is better than Gym Membership


Wellness on Wheels

  • Accessible anywhere and anytime
  • Tracks your health info in one app
  • It will help you know how far you are going, your pace and a number of calories you burnt
  • You will have personal health coach guiding you in every way with your exercises, meal, diet plans etc
  • You can track your progress or notice improvements
  • We offer- 10 Day risk-FREE Trial!
  • Low monthly fees


Gym Membership

  • Complex evaluation process
  • Time & travel consideration
  • Health & information data is only available in the gym
  • Health progress tracking is dependent on gym instructor and his availability is dependent on schedule
  • Free trials are often limited to one-time visits

If this article make sense to you and gave you a lot of tips then share it with your friends & family too! Become a WOW Member and earn healthy perks like discounts in some of our services. Try our 10 Day risk FREE trial.