What is a Detox?

Many people have the wrong idea of what a detox is, some think it’s starvation and others think that it’s even bad for you. This couldn’t be further from the truth as it has a wide range of health and wellness benefits. By allowing your body the process of detoxing, it removes all of the bad toxins that are within your body. These toxins can be to blame for causing major health problems such as silent long term inflammation, diabetes, heart and liver disease, hormonal imbalances and weight gain. A quick detox, depending on the length of detox you are looking at doing, can provide you with great results.

How Can a Detox Help Me?

By completing a detox program with us we will give you everything your body needs in order to support the liver, heart and kidney, get rid of belly fat, feed cells the healthy fats they need, promote better metabolism, eat gluten free and flush out toxins.

We are exposed to numerous toxins, every day of our lives. We are raised in such a manner that most of our never actually think about all the harmful toxins that we are consuming. We tend to consume and overindulge without ever thinking there will be a consequence – that consequence is typically our overall bodies health. We tend to ignore any signs that our bodies are showing to signal that it is struggling. Those bloated feelings may fade but the problem will remain. We have to start listening to what our bodies are trying to tell us and learn how to appropriately help it to better function.

While our bodies naturally detoxify a lot of the toxins out of our system, we consume way too many for our bodies to cope. By allowing all of these toxins to build up in our systems, we are opening our bodies up to suffering from a range of health problems from inflammation to metabolic toxicity. By completing a detox program, we are giving our bodies the helping hand it needs at battling these dreadful toxins and helping the liver, kidney, lungs, lymph and nervous system. Depending on what type of detox you require, a detoxification program can last anywhere between seven to thirty days at a time. Our detox programs provide amazing results and you will begin to notice them very shortly and often it is only a matter of days.

Sevalife’s Whole Body Detox Programs

Do you suffer from inflammation? Do you often feel bloated? Maybe you have been suffering from some other health issues and you have tried everything. Your body could be in desperate need of one of our detoxification programs. We have plenty to choose from and are designed to suit a range of needs. Our programs start at seven days and go up to twenty-one days in length. Our detox programs will offer you excellent customised support including meal plans designed to support detoxification of your mind, body and smile, access to our Private Facebook Group, a follow-up session with Dr Susan Stukes as well as access to our ‘On the Go Coaching’ app.

Most of the food items that we purchase while we are doing the weekly food shop contain a lot of harmful ingredients and this is taxing on our body. The food that we consume has been altered so much from its natural state that it’s no longer recognisable and interferes with our optimum health. Our complete body health and wellness is put on the line for convenience shopping. The purpose of a detox is for a whole-body cleanse by removing these built-up toxins – this is essential to getting our bodies back up and running again.

Why Sevalife Detox Programs?

We have a range of detoxification programs that we can offer our clients. Our detox programs start with a simple but effective seven-day detox. These short programs are perfect for anyone looking to kick start their complete body health and wellness or complete a regular maintenance cleansing.

Additionally, we also have a fourteen and twenty-one-day long detox program. These longer detoxification programs are for anyone looking to really get started with their new, healthier lifestyle and are committed to changing the way they live and get rid of their habits. If you suffer from fatigue, complete loss of energy and moodiness then this is the perfect choice for you. Worn down bodies are in desperate need of a pick-me-up and a full system cleanse.

When we have a computer that isn’t working as it should we reboot and start again, our bodies are no different. Our bodies work as a system and need to be properly maintained for complete health and wellness. Completing a detox is the first step towards a newer you.

Sign Up Today and Receive:

• Customized Support
• 30-minute follow-up session with Dr Susan Stukes
• Workbook to track progress
• Meal plans and shopping list
• Access to our Private Facebook Group
• Monitoring via our ‘On the Go’ app
• Tools to be in control of your wellness
• Mind-Body techniques
• Discounts on our Whole-Body Wellness services

Over the course of your detox program, you will be introduced to different types of foods that can promote healing, fat burning and lower inflammation. Our ongoing support will help you achieve an overall improved state of health.

You will further receive exercises to launch the natural detox process and increase blood flow for improved circulation, recipes for a second detox week, modules for meditation and healing as well as recipes that promote your healthy smile to beat the bad bacteria in your mouth.

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