Liver and GallBladder

Spring Cleansing – Liver & Gallbladder

Our bodies function as part of the natural world so there isn’t any surprise that our bodies systems mimic the seasons. Matching the plant cycles, our bodies also go through a yearly cycle. During this cycle, our bodies are going through a period of rebuilding and cleansing – with emphasis on particular organs, depending on the season. Each organ and its system are connected to their own season. When Springtime first appears in March the organs that are higher up in the body are cleansing out from the hard Winter. Spring is the season of both liver and gallbladder. Caring for your liver and gallbladder is essential as they offer your body energy and complete life force.

There are two main ways to promote healthy liver and gallbladder function; maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. As well as keeping track of what foods you consume, yoga and deep breathing exercises are also great for your optimal health.

This article is here to help teach you about being mindful of the nutrients you’re consuming in regards to how your liver and gallbladder will respond and the best ways of doing a detox and cleanse. Improving and nurturing your whole-body health is vital.

Healthy Liver & Gallbladder Function

So, what does our liver and gallbladder do? Both organs body tissues are connected to the tendons and ligaments. Additionally, they ensure that your blood vessels are providing enough circulation through your body, so your liver is in control of all connective tissues getting enough nourishment. It is important to maintain a healthy liver and gallbladder function as if they get stressed then it can cause additional health problems.

During the Winter months, our bodies grow tired and used to being so inactive, therefore we accumulate a lot of waste within our systems. As our sudden change in activity levels appear our bodies respond by reducing the level of waste within our organs. We find ourselves in need of a cleanse – specifically a liver detox – and the Spring is excellent for promoting healthy liver functions.

Of course, the colon, lungs and kidneys all play a massive part in our bodies detoxing process however the liver is centre of attention at this particular time of the year. Spring is all about cleansing the liver and gallbladder, so there is no better time to get rid of all toxins, processed and undigested food. In addition to a system overload, our bodies may also be lacking in enzymes. When we have far too many toxins in our bodies our liver becomes stressed. A stressful liver can then directly cause other health issues and symptoms such as: headaches, skin blemishes, fatigue, allergies as well as joint pain, easily injured ligaments and brittle tendons.

Detoxifying Liver & Gall Bladder (Nutrition Guide)

There are many ways in which you can help cleanse your liver and gallbladder in this important time of the yearly cycle. Many plants are able to be made into herbs and these offer excellent health benefits for this exact purpose. In the Spring our liver is stiff and rigid due to the stress of the Winter and cleansing will allow your liver to be much more flexible.

The current generations consume foods during particular seasons that we aren’t exactly meant to be eating. Before refrigeration and freezing became available, we weren’t able to eat several food items that we do currently. So, by the time Spring is upon us our liver is clogged up by all the toxins.

Foods that are great for cleansing the liver and gallbladder are: beetroot, dark/leafy greens, sorrel, dandelion leaves, Oregon grapes, nettles, watercress and burdock. These will promote good digestion and immune systems as well as performing as a great cleanser. Leafy greens are particularly wonderful as they contain a big dose of vitamin B12 and folic acid – a requirement for blood cell division and regeneration. If you suffer from anaemia, then this is also a great type of food to include in your diet.

If you have a stressed liver than sweetness is an excellent flavour to be consuming, this is why we can often crave sweet things when we are stressed. The sweetness of root vegetables, fruits and grains are brilliant but stay away from excessive refined sugar as this will make your liver function worse. In addition to sweet, sour is also a great option for those who suffer with irritation.

Springtime, Sevalife Detox Time

Our Sevalife Whole Body Detox programs offer excellent support to suit a range of needs. Our detoxification programs can bring back optimum function of your liver and gallbladder by eliminating built up waste and toxins, as well as giving you the added benefit of a whole-body cleanse. Toxins that we consume daily can cause major health problems as well as liver disease, inflammation, diabetes, heart disease and even weight gain. As mentioned above, a stressed liver can cause fatigue and loss of energy, our detox programs are designed to specifically deal with these types of problems.

What do we offer? Our programs start with a simple but effective seven-day detox which is perfect for anyone looking to kick start their health in Spring. Anyone who is looking to stay committed to a healthier lifestyle long-term, our longer detoxification programs may be suitable. By the end of your program you would have achieved an overall improved state of health as well as a functioning liver and gallbladder.

Throughout our Whole-Body Detox programs, you will receive excellent custom support, meal plans designed to support your detoxification and an introduction into different types of foods that promote healing. In addition, you will get unlimited access to our Private Facebook Group, ‘On the Go Coaching’ app as well as a 30-minute follow-up session with Dr. Susan Stukes.

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