Silent Inflammation

Silent Inflammation, Diet and Aging: The Hidden Problems

Many people suffer from chronic inflammation and research suggests that this form of silent inflammation can speed up the ageing process, considerably. For people who live on a non-nutritious diet, they may suffer from far more wrinkles and a breakdown of collagen more-so than others their age.

If you suffer from long-term inflammation, then it can be putting you at great risk of further health issues which can lead to a risk of developing a fatal condition. Studies show that Alzheimer’s disease has a link with inflammatory problems and those who have Alzheimer’s also suffer from a high level of inflammatory cells and chemicals.

By ensuring that you take good care of yourself, from the inside out, you can lower your risk of developing inflammatory problems as well as prolonging your lifespan. What you put into your body can greatly affect what types of conditions and health issues you suffer with as you grow older. By putting the time and energy into taking care of your body now can offer you huge benefits in the future.

So, what can you do to ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle? By eating nutritious food and living a nourishing lifestyle you can be sure that you will be getting the best possible start. Detoxes are also important for our bodies as it clears and removes anything bad that is within our system. The importance of nurturing your whole body cannot be emphasised enough.

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is when a part of your body starts to become swollen. Inflammation can often be painful and your skin can be hot to touch. Whether it is serious can depend on whether it came from an infection or some other problem.

Inflammation comes in two different levels. There is short-term inflammation which is fairly common in people who even live healthy lifestyles and then there is long-term inflammation. Short-term inflammation will very quick go away but long-term inflammation, or chronic inflammation, is when it lasts for considerably longer.

What Causes Inflammation? How Do We Fight It?

When your body starts to suffer from inflammatory problems it is not automatically a sign that you have an infection. What it does mean is that your body is attempting to fight what caused it in the first place. When something happens to harm or affect a part of your body, it will then try to get rid of the problem and heal itself. Inflammation can start to appear for a range of reasons and ultimately your diet can play a huge part. Even stress is a promoter of inflammation in the body and chronic stress can lead to pre-mature ageing.

The best way to prevent inflammation from occurring in the first place is to eat healthy. By eating nutritious foods that promote a healthy lifestyle you will be rewarded greatly. A lot of health issues can come directly from the type of diet you consume or even play a significant part in the process.

What Is a Healthy Diet?

A good way to specifically prevent inflammation in your body is to stay away from processed foods, sugar, white pasta and bread. These foods can make our bodies have inflammatory reactions and digest refined sugar puts our immune system on alert as it increases our insulin levels. It is perfectly okay to enjoy these types of foods occasionally but you shouldn’t be basing your diet on these. If you can, make as much of your food yourself. The rule of thumb is if it has a longer shelf life than you then it cannot be all good.

Your healthy diet should include food products like salmon, grass fed meat, organic eggs, flaxseeds, avocados, red grapes, broccoli, ginger and rosemary. These food products are high in anti-inflammatory chemicals which can help you keep away any inflammatory problems in the future. Not only will this help prevent inflammation but it will also help with reducing the problem.

Another way to nurture your body is to include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, which come from oily fish and counter the amount of omega-6 fats. The reason for this is these fatty acids are what make up the cell membranes, and for your body to do this correctly it needs the correct amount. When you neglect your body of the right levels it makes your cell membranes very brittle which makes them much weaker and leads to cell death.

Omega-6 fatty acids can be extremely inflammatory as our bodies turn omega-6 fats into arachidonic acid. By including omega-3 fats into your daily diet, this will counteract the omega-6 fats which come from corn oil, sunflower and soybean oil. To guide you through finding the perfect balance, the ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 should be 3:1 or 5:1. Most people consume a ratio of 20:1 which just shows how serious the problem can be.

As mentioned previously, if you stay away from consuming a lot of sugar and certain foods, your health will flourish. Chronic inflammation is a huge problem but can easily be avoided or treated with the right mindset and lifestyle. By ensuring that you live a perfectly healthy life that nurtures your body, you can live longer and help in preventing any life-threatening illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart problems and more.

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