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Reboot and Energize for Spring 2016 Naturally

Cindy Martine has been  supporting her clients in developing healthier relationships and guiding them into a more fulfilled way of being. How about you? Are you ready for change?


10 easy steps to vegetarianism

Thinking about going vegetarian? Linda Taylor will uncover the easiest ways to take that first step? Already vegetarian? Get your questions answered so you can stay on the healthy path. Linda has presented on numerous radio and television shows and will also share her personal vegetarian journeyn . Linda Taylor is the creator of Detoxing Done Naturally and Taylor’s Wholesome Foods workshops


Get your energy medicine questions answered by the expert Elsie Kerns

As a Wellness Educator, Elsie has over 20 years of training and expertise in the field of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Wellness presentations include classes at Drexel University’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies; Drexel’s graduate program in Complementary and Integrative Medicine and Camden County College’s Holistic Health Institute.


Life Has Many Chapter, Are You Ready To Write The Next One

Join us for an inspirational discussion filled with how to’s that will help you change your life story. Get empowered to take the next steps that can bring you to a more healthy and fulfilled way of being and living.


Next Steps For 2016

Join Dr. Stukes as she discusses a new perspective on making positive and healthy changes. We won’t be discussing exercise or crazy diets. But we will be sharing how to empower your self with some wonderful tools that make you feel great from the inside out.


Rewrite Your Story Radio Show

Rewrite Your Story with guest Laura May Culver MSW and creator of the Joy Journal. Bring health and success into your life in 2016 Listen in as the experts share the latest whole health trends.


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Healthy Holiday Season


Weight Loss Videos

It’s simply all about your smile. We believe that your smile is your’s body’s window to the world. Your smile is emblematic of who you and how you make a first and lasting impression. The Mind Body Smile Cleanse is about focusing on that smile and brightening it from the inside out.The good news is that simple changes can have far-reaching results that can help reach your health and wellness goals. And we are here to help you get there!