Body Detoxification

Recharge to Be Fit For the Upcoming Vacation Challenges

Consistent metabolic reactions that occur in our body cause creation of harmful chemical substances, for example, free radicals. These substances can initiate stress/anxiety and lead to many different kinds of diseases including dangerous cancers. Body detoxification is the removal or neutralizing of these substances through colon and liver so that the inner body fluids and systems (like blood, lymph, and circulatory systems) do not accumulate them in higher amounts and cause improper functioning of organs and deterioration of body systems.

While it is essential to detox body every day, through proper foods and habits, you can also initiate a pre-holiday body program that has a focus on detoxification. Detoxification helps your body to rejuvenate and recharge. The right way to detox is not to shun eating, and relying solely on juices, smoothies, and water. A gentle detox will make you more comfortable and will be easier to adapt as well. Apart from the food choices, you also need to make subtle lifestyle changes. You will be energetic and your immune system will also be strengthened if you follow the program comprehensively and completely.

Below are certain tips, advice, and recommendations towards body detoxification. Employ them around 2 weeks before the holidays. You can also adapt them to remain healthy and renewed for longer time periods.

Water-lemon drink

Start your day with lemon and salt water. Use spring water, a whole lemon’s juice, and sea salt for the purpose. Drinking more water will help in detoxification and will also help you lose extra weight. Aim to drink around 3.5 to 4 litres of water every day.

Skin exfoliation

Exfoliating the skin will open the closed pores and will also improve the functioning of the lymphatic system, which may have gone dormant because of the toxins. Start exfoliating your skin by using a gentle skin brush. Use the brush every day before you take shower and start from your feet, moving upwards.

Showering the right way will also help in the stimulation of the nervous system. Use hot water for around 30 seconds and cold water for 30 seconds, alternatively, while you take shower. This will also boost the lymphatic system.

Beverages modification

Check on the beverages you consume. Drink green tea as it is full of antioxidants that help in detoxification. Other herbal options including licorice, ginger, and peppermint are also fruitful towards detoxification. Limit coffee intake to not more than 1 cup of coffee a day. The natural drinks are good for the digestive system as well.

Meal modification

Change your meals. Go for the organic foods and see to it that your meal plates have at-least 3/4th of their portions occupied by fruits and vegetables (the more colorful the better). Dairy, gluten, and soy all cause mucus formation and hence you should refrain from consuming these during your fortnight-long detox program. Eat only quality meat and in optimum or low amounts. Choose the grass-fed meats, wild fish, and the free range poultry.

Check on the fruits that you are consuming, go for apples, berries, and pears as they are low in glycemic index or consist of low sugar amount. Limit the sugar intake. All sugar you consume should come out of 1 serving of fruit a day. Sugar has a negative impact on the immune system.

Include in your diet a juice every day. Juice of ginger, beets, pepper, dandelion, and lemon are good/potent cleansing agents. Juices are good for the breakfast when you eat light in morning. Also, include certain amounts of fibre in your daily diet. Sources of fibre include chia seeds and flax seeds.

Move more

Exercise is necessary, even when you detoxifying. Swimming, jogging, running and even a brisk walk are worthy cardiovascular exercises. You can also try weight lifting. For best results combine both every day. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day. You can also exercise more.  Exercise boosts the circulatory system and helps in the removal of waste. Yoga and Pilates are also an option.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing exercises are also good towards detoxification. Natural air, just like natural water helps in the removal of body impurities. Yoga exercises, Qigong and Tai Chi are also deep breathing exercises that normalize breathing and when done each day improve the functioning of detoxifying organs and systems of the body.

Sauna bath

The sauna and steam rooms help you lose toxins. The sweat can carry the inner body toxins to its exterior and help in their removal. Reach out to the sauna rooms as many times as you can.

Check sleep

Get the paper amount of sleep. Go to bed a bit early so that you do not lose on essential sleep. Studies reveal that 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary for adults. Sleep recharges the body, its organs, and systems. The hormones excreted by the body glands repair the organs and optimize their functioning. Exercising daily will help you sleep peacefully and easily. You can also take a shower an hour before going to bed and drink herbal tea to aid comfortable sleep.

Supplements for detoxification

You can also try the herbal and natural supplements that aid detoxification. Consume them in proper amounts (as given in the dosage instruction of the supplement pack) and ensure that they are from quality and credible source. If suffering from a health condition, consult your doctor before using them. Bentonite clay, psyllium, dandelion and milk thistle are some supplements that can be useful.

Drinking optimum amount of water, exercising, eating more of fruits and vegetables etc. are some habits that you could cultivate in order to stay healthy and have a strong immune system.


Healthy Living Tips by Dr Susan Stukes

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