Re-Write Your Story Module #1

– Have Success Your Way –



Module 1
You will need:
  • journal for your goals, wants, dreams, gratitude, positive affirmations
  • blank paper 
  • coloured markers, stickers, pictures of what you want/have/grateful for
  • tape/glue
What makes a person successful?  Their daily routine.
Your daily habits add up to a lifetime of results!
Healthy Daily habits will be outlined briefly in this program and we will repeat the importance throughout.
Every decision and action you make adds up to your health and success.
Your success in this program and from every day thereafter has so much to do with your daily habits.
Success: Structure

Example of a structured day:
  • 5 am wake up (or same time each day)
  • 3 deep breaths before getting out of bed
  • drink water and stretch/yoga/workout
  • write in journal your gratitude and goals
  • shower/listen to your goals and positive affirmations
  • make a healthy breakfast
  • take breaks-deep breathing–water, water, water–stretch, walk etc
  • take a break and eat at noon, walk, breathing, water water water……
  • pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day
  • focus on what feels good throughout the day
  • focus on what soothes you in a healthy way throughout the day
  • 9pm — an hour before bed unplug from internet or tv–to calm you before bed
  • journal your gratitude/reflect/ stretch/ quiet
  • water, water, water
  • 10pm bedtime
Success: Routine and Commitment
Make a schedule that works for you and let it be your routine for the next 8 weeks.
Decide to have a win streak of 2 days to begin.  If you miss a day, start again.  When you are at 2 days, make it a 3 day streak of wins.
If you miss a day, begin again at 2 in a row and begin again.
Write successes ‘wins’ in your Joy Journal.
This is your life – moment to moment.
For support, we suggest having a buddy, an accountability partner.
Ideas for Accountability:
  • Find someone you can text every day to report in. 
  • Check the FB group. 
  • Make a comment. 
  • Ask for help.
Success: Set a Goal
What is a Goal? (section 1)
Most people define a goal as  something you envision for your future, planned and worked toward the set end result. 
However, this is only one definition.
Why do we set goals?
Most of us set goals because there is something in our personal or business life that we want to change.
It is encouraged for you to take a few moments and list times in your life that you decided to change and set a goal to do so. (ex: finding a part time job, travelling for vacation, attending school, buying a vehicle, making a doc appt)
List of goals you have achieved:







What is a Goal? (section 2)
Types of Goals 
Type A
A type A goal is a goal you have already achieved or already know how to do.
List what you have accomplished-(either from above or add more)





Type B
A type B goal is a goal that you think you can achieve and set a concrete plan to accomplish it.
List what you think you could plan for and accomplish (ex: I can lift 5 pound weights or work at a shopping plaza)–hint: boring!





Type C
A type C goal is a goal that expresses what you want–your desires, your wants, your passions and what you have never done before.

TIP: When you set your goals one way to think about them is the "SMART" way (this appears to be the most well-known but there are also other techniques – feel free to identify a way that works for you!)

  • Specific: focus on one specific area in your life that you want to improve
  • Measurable: make sure that you have a system in place for you to measure (quantify) your progress
  • Achievable: your goal needs to be attainable, e.g. 'I want to learn how to dance salsa' will be much easier to achieve as opposed to 'I want to be the first person landing on Jupiter'
  • Realistic: your goal needs to be realistic, given the time, effort and (let's face it) money you have available to invest
  • Timely:  give yourself a deadline by which you would want to have achieved your goal. E.g. 'In 6 weeks' time I want to be able to…' or 'In 3 months I want to bring about…'. This will keep you focused.


What do you want? This is Your Life!
List your wants. In your Joy Journal list pages and pages of wants. 
Have fun! Explore! No Limits!!
Personal Goal in Present Tense:
List your Short form goal
  • ‘I am so happy and grateful now that…”
and Long form with sensory details–what are you wearing, 5 sensory
  • ‘I am so happy and grateful now that…”




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