Stress Relief Body Powder


Product Description

Feel your stress wash away with So Well’s Stress Relief Body Powder. Our all-natural blend is highly therapeutic. It’s a great way to calm nerves after a long day while rejuvenating and replenishing your skin with 84 different minerals embedded in our Fair Trade Himalayan salt. This unique Stress Relief Body Powder also combines the power of South African Rooibos “Red Bush” tea, calming chamomile, and our special blend of essential oils to ease the stress of your long day, and prepare you for the a restful night’s sleep. You will notice after one use the care and attention we put into each 100% Vegan small batch.

Directions: You can use this as a self-massage treatment. Apply to skin, anytime you feel stressed, day or night. Gently rub into hands, and then massage into your skin. Also works well on feet.