Sample Sole Crystal Stones


Product Description

So Well’s sole crystal stones can be grated with a steel grater for fine dining, but they are ideal for making sole—a homeopathic solution of concentrated salt and water which can release the 84 different minerals stored in our Fair Trade Himalayan salt. Drinking only 1 teaspoon of sole can pull out stored toxins and rejuvenate your tired cells, removing stored heavy metals and trace mercury. Use of sole is a safe and inexpensive way for imparting minerals and electrolytes into your body. Our bodies are made of salt water, and sole is a natural way to restore your body’s balance for all ages, even for pets. We are so confident you’ll love your So Well sole, that we’re offering this sample purchase, knowing you’ll come back for more.
Directions: In an 8oz or 16oz glass jar, fill the jar with 4 or 5 Sole Crystal Stones. Add purified water or spring water to the jar, this will create the sole solution. Every morning, before eating, take a spoonfull of sole and add it to 8oz of water. Wait 10-15 minutes before eating anything. This sole solution works well with other homeopathic remedies if so desired. Our customers report increased energy throughout the day, and a deeper rest at night. In addition, they report better sleep, shorter time sick with cold or flu, improved joint flexibility, and regular bowel movements.

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