The 3 Phases of the Cleanse

Phase 1:  Preparation

To begin to prepare the body, you will eliminate sugar, dairy, refined foods, refined oils, and coffee. You will also want to prepare your environment and collect the foods, tools, supplies, and supplements  you will need. During this phase you will experience the strongest and most frequent signs of toxic withdrawal.


What is toxic withdrawal?


When you start to eliminate substances your body has become dependent upon (addictive substances), your body will naturally respond and ask for them back.  It doesn’t do this in a comfortable or easy way.   It is important for you to realize that only unhealthy, toxic substances are addictive.   If you experience uncomfortable sensations, these are signals that repair is under way and the removal of toxins from your body is occurring. The more you search for fast, temporary relief with a candy bar, soda, or chips, the more you will inhibit the healing detoxification process. 



Signs you are experiencing toxic withdrawal are:


·    Headache

·    Weakness

·    Stomach cramping

·    Lightheadedness

·    Empty, growling stomach

·     Irritability, moodiness

·    Fatigue

·     Bloated feeling


Depending on your situation, this could last from 2 – 5 days during Phase 1.  This will be the most difficult phase of the program, but these changes are the most important in getting you started.  Don’t give up!


Phase 2:  Deepening the Cleanse /Alkalizing the Body

In this phase, avoid animal protein, restrict oil intake to no more than 2 tablespoons per day of coconut oil or flax oil (except for the olive oil and lemon cocktail), and reduce the amount of brown rice or quinoa consumed to two servings per day.  I suggest you eat yams, carrots, beets, or other starchy vegetables as your main starches whenever possible. You will be enjoying an abundance of alkalizing fresh (organic) plant foods, along with a high quality protein powder/cleanse formula and green food supplement 2 times per day.

This is a great time to juice vegetables, make green smoothies, and drink vegetable broths. These all help keep the body fortified with nutrients, while facilitating detoxification. This will be the most restrictive phase and you may choose to either extend it to 10 days or cut it back to 3 days.

For some people, you may want to take things deeper and really clear and restore the body.  You can do the lemonade/limeade fast at this time (see lemonade fast instructions).


Phase 3: Adding Back and Awareness

At this point you will be adding back the foods you eliminated during phase 2.   This can be a difficult time because you will be adding back foods that may have been causing you irritation, so take it slow.  The first step is to stick with the foods on the “foods you will enjoy” list.  This means you will be adding back animal foods and more grains.  

Be sure the animal protein is clean (organic).   You will do this for the first 4 days.  After the 4th day, you can start to add in the other food groups we eliminated, such as dairy, gluten, sugar, and fermented foods.  However, when you add these foods, add them one at a time and journal about any symptoms you notice, such as: 

·      Headaches

·     Sore throat

·    Sinus pressure or changes with your sinuses

·    Dry skin

·     Moodiness

·     Stomach issues

·     Irregular bowel movements

·     Gas

·     Dry eyes

·     Disrupted sleep

·     Bloating

·     Weight gain


You are keeping track of symptoms so you can identify food sensitivities and understand how certain foods affect you.   This will help you understand how and why you are feeling a certain way.  For example, too much alcohol is known to cause hangovers.   Food, especially sugars, works the same way.


If you have been doing the lemonade fast, stay with just raw salads, green smoothies, cooked vegetables (including yams), and vegetable soups, along with the suggested protein and cleanse formulas for the first 3-4 days following the lemonade fast (basically, you can follow the sample schedule for Phase 2 of the basic cleanse). Then you can reintroduce animal protein and whole grains listed on the “good food” list, following the sample schedule for Phase 3 in the basic cleanse.