Health coaching: Good for your patients and your practice
Entering into a relationship with a health coach or multiple health coaches in your medical practice can not only improve patient satisfaction; it also can help differentiate your practice from your competitors. Read Full Article

HEALTH COACHING: a fresh, new approach to improve quality outcomes and compliance for patients with chronic conditions.
Health coaching can improve lifestyle behaviors known to prevent or manage chronic conditions such as diabetes. However, little is known about the patient experience with telephonic coaching programs in real-world care settings. Read Full Article

Health coaching to improve healthy lifestyle behaviors: an integrative review.
Chronic diseases account for 70% of U.S. deaths. Health coaching may help patients adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors that prevent and control diseases. This integrative review analyzed health coaching studies for evidence of effectiveness and to identify key program features. Read Full Article

Coaching patients On Achieving Cardiovascular Health (COACH): a multicenter randomized trial in patients with coronary heart disease.
Disease management programs in which drugs are prescribed by dietitians or nurses have been shown to improve the coronary risk factor profile in patients with coronary heart disease. However, those disease management programs in which drugs are not prescribed by allied health professionals have not improved coronary risk factor status. Read Full Article

A nurse-coaching intervention for women with type 2 diabetes.
The purpose of this pilot study was to determine the efficacy of a 6-month nurse-coaching intervention that was provided after diabetes education for women with type 2 diabetes. Read Full Article

Diabetes Health Coaching Improves Medication Adherence: A Pilot Study
Adherence to medications is central to successfully managing diabetes. Health coaching, which relies on frequent contact and ongoing intervention, has emerged in recent years as part of disease management initiatives and has been promoted as an effective method for improving health outcomes and patient compliance with medication. Read Full Article

Provider Services

First step programs
7,10,14,21 day cleanse programs designed to introduce patients to a whole food approach to eating

Healthy eating programs
Weekly goalsetting, suggested meal plans and healthy living activities and twice monthly telephonic coaching calls

Customizable one on one coaching plans

Integrated Programs

Personal training
Massage therapy

Health Education
Customized webinars and workshops that further empower your patients

Streamline referral process
Our online process connects you and your patients directly to our office

Case Study: Health Plan–Led Coaching Program Leads to Improved Outcomes and Cost Savings
Medica Health Plans, a Minnesota-based insurer, launched a health coaching program in June 2008 to support its members in strengthening their self-management skills and achieving their health goals. The program has reduced health care expenditures, inpatient utilization, and emergency department usage, while increasing enrollees’ self-reported quality-of-life scores and satisfaction ratings. Read Full Article

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