Oral Health Coaching With Dr. Susan Stukes

Experience a whole health approach to smile health. Be empowered to take on gum disease, bad breath and cavities.

You don’t have to feel alone in your quest to improve oral health for you and your family. Dr. Stukes is here to be your oral health coach. To act as a reference and guide with the latest in preventative oral health and natural care for your teeth.

Before you spend amount of money and time at the dentist, schedule a private oral health coaching session with Dr. Stukes.

Not sure if it’s the right thing for you? give it a try & See great results! You are just one step away from maximum oral health! Contact us today!

Coaching Services And Packages

Choose your packages that suits your need, Feel free to email: susanstukescamp@sevalife.net

1. 30 Minute Consultation – $75.00
-Via Skype or Hangouts
-If you are looking for guidance on a specific issue or have questions about preventative measures, treatments. A great way to start!
-Follow up calls for this package:
a. first follow up – $50
b. second follow up – $25

(Note: both follow ups may include some treatments that are included in other packages)

2. 1 Hour – In-House Appointment – $150.00
-oral health assessment, nutritional assessment, diagnostic testing, holistic pain free approach to improve your oral health.

3. Smile Cleanse Package – $97.00 (plus shipping fee)
-Orawellness Toothbrush & Healthy Mouth Blend
-Personal Dental Exam Kit
-Tongue Scraper
-How To Guide To Make Remineralizing Toothpaste That Strengthens Your Teeth
-Smile Cleanse Guide Include:
-Foods To Feed Your Smile And Improve Circulation
-And Lower Bad Gut Mouth Bacteria
-How To Video To Do Regular Dental Exams And At Home Cleanings
-15 Minute One On One Consultation With Dr. Stukes
-Activate The Power of Your Smile Journal

How It Works:

After signing up, schedule your appointment with Dr. Stukes. She will then send you an oral health questionnaire and share your key concerns. Once that consultation is done, Dr. Stukes, will give you an advice on what package suit your concerns.