Making Ourselves Smile

Love is more than just a feeling, it is a whole-body experience and it has a deep and pronounced effect on your mind-body connection. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel physically and emotionally when you receive a hug or affection from someone who loves you or when you have expressed your love to someone or participate in an act of love and giving?

That is love influencing 5 key areas that can affect your wellness. And when nutrition, emotions, physical, spiritual and environmental aspects of our beings are in balance we are better able to love and receive love. What is so wonderful is that we can take action to nourish and nurture ourselves to be able to love profoundly, receive love and enjoy the benefits of love.

Loving and being in love actually improves our level of health. It boosts the immune system and our feel good neurotransmitters in our brain that control our mood, outlook on life and feelings of well-being. I have witnessed this truth in my own life over and over. Love is essential for our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and it’s very healing and powerful.

At a physical level, besides being the opposite of stress, it is wired into our chemical makeup. When we give and receive tenderness, compassion, and affection, the brain releases love hormones such as oxytocin. Oxytocin helps us bond with others, protects us from the effects of stress, and literally heals our hearts.

Dr. Louann Brizendine author of “The Female Brain” found in her research that a decline in oxytocin can put stress on your relationships. His research further showed that this decline may cause multiple health problems. Emotionally, love is powerful and our emotions are closely linked to our nervous system, immune system and of course our hearts.

Spiritually having a loving spirit can make us more resilient to life challenges. Our environment includes our relationships, job, career and our community. If we don’t feel safe, protected and valued, we can make decisions out of fear and isolation instead of love. Your environment, if there is no love or it isn’t reciprocated, can also be a source of stress that can wreak havoc on your precious mind-body connection.

So, how does one find that balance within themselves that promotes our internal lovingness and allows us to receive love in abundance? How do we nourish ourselves in a way that will enable us to reap the benefits of love?

Food and lifestyle factors have a powerful effect on the chemical signals called neurotransmitters. By adding the right nutrients, you actually can influence your thoughts about yourself and your perception of others around you. Try a happy hormone smoothies!

Adding exercise can stimulate your body to release chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins are associated with the feelings of attachment and comfort. They are like opiates. They calm anxiety, relieve pain and reduce stress. Strengthening your spiritual connections helps you in feeling supported during times of uncertainty or struggle.

Prayer, meditation, chanting, spending time in reflection, joy journaling and engaging in acts of kindness are just a few ways that can help you tap into your inner self and spark happy healing/hormones and positive energy. During this holiday season commit to loving yourself, your mind and body will smile.

Love yourself with nutrient dense food, loving self-talk, soft touch or relaxation massage, positive social engagement, fun filled physical activities and much needed quiet time. Love yourself and the world will love you back.


Have a great holiday season! Reach out if you need any support or schedule a free chat consultation with Dr. Stukes.