It’s a fact…that 90% of adults have active gum disease with signs ranging from swollen gums and bad breath to bleeding gums, receding gums and loose teeth. These symptoms are so common that most of us don’t even equate them with gum disease.
Thankfully, the path to a healthier mouth is clear…

Study Shows that People with Gum Disease Smile less than any other people.

A recent study shows that people with gum disease always feel uncomfortable during talking with others. Even they feel uncomfortable when they stay alone too. But according to many dentist and physician, your smile health is connected to you over all health and wellness; heart disease, diabetes even weight gain .

Dr. Stukes has been restoring smiles for over 25 years and has developed a painless process that can rejuvenate your smile, lower harmful oral bacteria and brighten those pearly whites. Smile Power.

Many of her patients feel powerless over their smiles, but you don’t have to feel that way. Whether you have spent money to improve your smile or have a fear of the dental chair everyone needs to know how to maintain their smile. Follow the smile cleanse protocols and learn how to overcome your smile worries.

Worlds Easiest Organic Solutions to Gum Problems.

The Mind Body Smile Cleanse is the easiest and painless gum disease solution offers by Dr Stukes. In this program you will get everything to ensure your oral health. This prgram is focusing on your smile and brightening it from the inside and out. t is designed to help bring balance to your smile without a trip to the dentist. This kit and guides will improve the health of your smile painlessly.

Your mouth is more than just teeth and a tongue. It is the gateway to your digestion. It also expresses how you feel and enables you to communicate verbally and non verbally. So be empowered to care for your smile.

Some of the benefits of The Mind Body Cleanse include:

  1. Cavities heal (remineralize)
  2. Gums heal (rejuvenate)
  3. Bone heals (tightening up loose teeth)
  4. Restore healthy balance of good /bad bacteria ratio in your gut
  5. Restore healthy balance of good /bad bacteria ratio in your mouth

Get coaching from the expert from the comfort of your home and save your dental cost by keeping your teeth healthy.

The Mind Body Smile Cleanse Kit Includes

  • Orawellness Toothbrush & Healthy Mouth Blend
  • Personal Dental Exam Kit
  • Tongue Scraper
  • How To Guide To Make Remineralizing Toothpaste That Strengthens Your Teeth

The Mind Body Smile Cleanse Guide Include:

  • Foods To Feed Your Smile And Improve Circulation
  • And Lower Bad Gut Mouth Bacteria
  • How To Video To Do Regular Dental Exams And At Home Cleanings
  • 15 Minute One On One Consultation With Dr. Stukes
  • Activate The Power of Your Smile Journal

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More Ways The Mind Body Smile Cleanse Can Help You in.

  • Feeding the good bacteria in your mouth with probiotic foods like kefir, and smile healthy fruits and veggies like celery and raisins. Learning how to detect gum disease early signs.
  • Learning hygiene techniques that may reduce the frequency and costs of routine dental care.
  • Increases saliva production which is highly beneficial to stop gum disease.
  • Promoting healthy gut bacteria.
  • Promoting healing with natural remedies.
  • Brighten and rejuvenate your smile.

What Other Say About This Program.

“Dr. Stukes thank you for teaching how to take of my smile in natural way. I wish I would known you years ago.I probably avoided a lot of dental problems and pain.
Thanks again ”
– Jay W

“Just reaching to you to thank you for helping me. When I started the smile cleanse my gums were bleeding and and the dentist told me I had a lot of bone loss. Because I am only 43 I was afraid I would have to get dentures at some point. But I stick to your protocol and I have seen a huge difference. Bleeding is gone and my last check up was a positive one. Thanks again.”
-Troy W

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