Cellular Inflammation

Inflammation Testing

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Testing Cellular Inflammation

Cellular inflammation is a type of inflammation which is below the perception of pain. Cellular inflammation works at disrupting the hormonal signalling at cellular levels which then leads to increased fat accumulation, decreased energy and speeds up the development of chronic disease.

Even though you cannot feel inflammation, you can certainly measure it, which is where the testing comes in. Often, tests will come back showing cellular inflammation that the patient had no awareness of so it is definitely worth the time as your health is paramount. From the result, you receive you can then make better choices at improving your lifestyle.


The only way to measure cellular inflammation is by testing the ratio of two of the essential fatty acids in your blood – AA and EPA. The AA/EPA ratio in the blood is simply the best marker for testing for inflammation as it can measure the level of cellular inflammation in the body.

Despite it being the best choice, the most commonly used test by doctors is CPA (C-reactive protein). The increase in AA/EPA ratio in the blood often shows up far quicker than in CPA, often years before.

What Does AA/EPA Mean?

The AA/EPA ratio in your blood shows an indication of the level of cellular inflammation within your body. The higher the level of your AA/EPA ratio, the more at risk you are of developing diseases in the future and your future wellness is at risk.

If you score between 1.5 to 3 then your future health is predicted to be excellent, however, if you score between 7 to 15 then it is a poor result. But if you score higher than a 15, your future health is very likely to be at risk of you developing chronic disease.

A recent study discovered that patients who have chronic diseases always score higher than a 15 in their AA/EPA test

What You Can Do

Wellness Depends on Balance

Unfortunately, there are no drugs that can help as AA/EPA is purely as result of your diet and therefore only your diet can fix it. You are able to help lower your score by increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acid concentrates, which will help increase the EPA in your blood.

The best way to help improve your AA/EPA ratio is by reducing the AA levels in your blood by following an anti-inflammatory diet. This is the better choice for your long-term health goals.

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