Ideal Exercise Plan For Weight Loss Results

There are exercise and meal plans that work for different people, because everyone’s body is different, and have different weight loss goals; therefore you have to stick with an exercise plan that has been customized for you. With lots of information available, it is often difficult to decide where to get started, yoga, weights, and cardio, what is the work out plan that would be most suited for your body and weight loss goals? Here is a basic and ideal exercise plan for anyone looking to lose some pounds over the period of time, remember to be consistent with your work out plan.

Cardio exercises are important

Cardio exercises such as brisk walking, running, bicycling and swimming can help you burn fat, cardio exercises are intense, so help you burn out more calories and enhance your metabolism, as well. Muscles burn fat as fuel during cardio exercises, so it is very important that you do not do cardio on an empty stomach and know what you need to eat to help you through the exercise. The muscles that burn fat as fuel rely heavily on both carbs and fats, if there is no fat or carbs, the muscles will generate energy from your muscle mass or tissues, and that is not what you are looking for. This can actually backfire, as you could become hyperglycemic and dehydrated during a cardio when done on an empty stomach. Always discuss with your nutritionist what you need to eat before and after a cardio work out.

Strength training

Many believe strength training is not for everyone, but that is not the case anymore, if you effectively want to burn fat in and around your belly (where it is the most dangerous); you need to focus on strength training. Strength training is regarded as the most effective way of losing weight, and you can split your work out into two days of cardio and one day of strength training, remember to always focus on what’s best for your body and your weight loss goals and health condition. Strength training is typically done with weights and should be done in professional supervision; it uses free weights, dumbbells, kettle balls and resistance bands. Strength training not only helps you burn fat, it strengthens your muscles, joints, ligaments and bones for an overall healthier you. It tends to increase the muscle mass and muscles burn fat for energy, so less fat in the body.

Yoga for weight loss

Yoga exercises are very easy to do you can even do them at home, try doing 10-minute yoga every day and it would help you in your weight loss exercise plan. You can start with the mountain pose; this is to strengthen your core and thighs. Standing side lean also strengths your core; lean sideways standing straight with your arms overhead, you can do this four times and do the mountain pose again. Strengthen your core with doing a mountain pose and gradually bend knees and do chair-pose. Downward facing is for your shoulders and arms; the modified side plank is also for your core; there are plenty of moves to do for stretching and improving flexibility that would help you during your cardio and strength training.