How To Make Healthy Habits That Stick For A Long Time

Habits are not easy to make, habits are behaviors that are automatic and kind of natural, and you don’t have to think and plan to do them, in other words no need to procrastinate. Short term weight loss diets usually don’t work, maintaining a healthy lifestyle for long term is what works for most people. For most people initial enthusiasm for losing weight or healthy eating fads off in a couple of weeks, so here are a few tips that could help you sustain your healthy behaviors and transform them into habits, so you would do them naturally and those would become the part of your everyday life.

Make easy healthy food choices

Making impractical food related decisions and daily meal plan is only going to erode your will power in the long run, make healthier food choices that are accessible, within your budget and won’t take a whole day to cook. Stock your pantry and refrigerator with healthy foods, so the foods are always accessible, there are a few foods we mentioned in another post that you should have in your pantry, including berries, avocadoes and yogurt. Some of the food you can bring to your office such as nuts, fruits that can be carried to work, easily. Learn some quick and easy to make healthy recipes of food and smoothies, you can try them in different days within a week.

Decide your food choices in advance

Convenience foods are a pleasure trap, you have to make arrangements to stay out of there trap, stay out of trap of addictive foods and always keep handy and quick healthy snacks at hand. While going out with friends on a Friday night, you can decide your food choices in advance by going through their menu online; many restaurants have healthy, organic food options available. It’s alright to have a cheat day, but being consistent is what is going to make you successful in your health and wellness goals. When you make this your habit of planning food in advance whenever you are going out, this wouldn’t stress you out at all.

Practice self-control and break bad habits

Lifetime of binge eating and breaking bad habits is not an easy thing to do, if you have never exercised in your life before that would be a whole new struggle of being active. You can do well by changing your daily routine a bit, adding new things here and there, try shopping at a new grocery store, visit a new park for walking or yoga, this will help you get accustomed to your new eating plans. Remember, to always make small steps. It is important to note that you practice self-control and don’t let yourself be hungry for longer, you are not supposed to starve yourself to be able to lose weight, eat foods rich in fiber and resistant starch that satisfy hunger and control your appetite. Plan ahead and bring some snacks with you to avoid starvation, drink more fluids and remember not to get hypoglycemic.

First few weeks are going to be tough!

First few weeks of your new fitness and eating regimen are going to be tough, it would require a lot of self-motivation and consistency, but once you get on with it, these behaviors would become habits and automatic. The things you are doing intentionally at the beginning would become natural with the passage of time without a much thought process. Connect yourself with other people who are following the diet you are following that would be a great boost and motivation. You can also set reminders and use apps on your phone for assistance in the beginning. Once you start incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle, you’d be on a path of becoming a healthier, wiser and smart person, and the habits would certainly stick with you for a lifetime.