Heal the solar plexus chakra and feel great!

The “Chakras” is a Sanskrit word means flow or wheels of energy, in chakras mythology the energy flows through seven centers in our body and creates problems in the body when any of these centers of energy is blocked. The concept is similar to the ancient Chinese technique acupuncture, the block of energy spots creates illness and acupuncture deals with improving this flow of energy.

The main chakras in the body are given as; crown chakra, eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, and sacral chakra and root chakra.

In this article we are focusing on the solar plexus chakra that is known to deal with emotions like frustration, anger and also sensitivity and power. Its location is upper abdomen in the stomach area, blocking of this chakra can create emotional problems, such as low self-esteem, and low self-confidence.

Balancing of this chakra means you feel more confident, zealous, optimistic, expressive and calm. This chakra is known to manage the activities of the gut, including stomach, liver, intestine, and pancreas as its location is in the stomach area. Eyes and cellular respiration is also known to be controlled by this chakra.

When this chakra goes out of balance, it creates issues with the digestive system; illnesses like diabetes and arthritis are also known to link to imbalance of this chakra. Anger, frustration and lack of confidence are the emotional issues linked with its imbalance. Depression and a feeling of isolation can be linked to this chakra.

The ways to balance out this chakra are going out in the sun and exercising, using lavender in your home, cleaning up your messy room, grooming yourself, being assertive and goal-oriented, be more accepting and accept challenges.

Another way of balancing out the solar plexus chakra is sit in a meditating position, place your hands above the navel, rotate your hands to the right, close your eyes and see visions of sunlight and sunflower.

Aromatherapy can help in releasing blocked energy; you can use lavender or rosemary scent. Place a crystal or gemstone in your hand while you do this chakra, such as amber or yellow topaz.




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