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Select the plan that will work for you

With Sevalife you have the freedom to create your cleanse based on your specific needs. Lowering inflammation and toxins is at the core of our programs. It is linked to weight loss issues, poor diet, fatigue and lack of energy, diabetes and even heart disease. The whole-body cleanse programs help you shed unhealthy weight, improve your energy brighten your smile and feel great. And I will provide you the guidance and support you need all the way.

The whole-body cleanse Level 1

You can get started by adding whole foods / real foods, and quitting processed and unnatural foods. Then you can deepen your cleanse with herbs that will help y your liver and colon. Cleansing with whole foods is just the first step, it will help you regain your energy, help reduce digestive disorders, improve mood and boost your immunity

The Whole Body Cleanse Level 2

The Whole Body Cleanse Level 3


One on One Coaching

Are interested in long term change? Do you have a significant amount of weigh to lose? Or do you want a customized plan to reach your wellness goals.

A health coach can design a program just for you with recipes and suggested meal plans as a part of your wellness program to help you live a healthier and happier life. My team is also available to provide comprehensive support to include personal training, massage and healthy cooking lessons. Most importantly, as your health coach I will provide you with all the you need guidance through out the program. We know, it’s difficult to do it on your own, that’s why we are here to help. Let’s talk about how you can get started.

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