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Inflammation- A Root Cause

Can Chronic Inflammation make you diabetic?

This question always concerns the health experts, although the link between chronic inflammation and diabetes is well known, still the question lingers on that if diabetes has a direct link to inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation in the body can lead to obesity and unhealthy weight gain; this unhealthy weight gain may cause insulin resistance. Inflammation can affect any part of your body, if it is affecting your gut, it causes leptin and Insulin resistance, and this leads to insulin resistance in the fat cells and weight gain. Both inactivity and obesity lead to an increase risk of diabetes.
How are inflammation in the body and diabetes related?

Diabetes is a very common illness, most people are diagnosed with diabetes 2, people with diabetes 2 don’t produce enough Insulin, insulin controls the blood sugar levels. Insulin is an important hormone that the cells of the Pancreas secrete, when you don’t produce enough insulin, the increase in blood sugar levels may lead to lethal illnesses. The link of diabetes and inflammation in the body is strong and was deducted decades ago, and was proved that the inflammatory chemicals; cytokines are higher in the blood of people with diabetes 2.

Obesity, inactivity, and inflammation in the body are all co-related, excess body fat especially in the abdomen, causes chronic inflammation that leads to insulin resistance and then diabetes 2. The insulin resistance in the body leads to more inflammation, and more weight gain. Diabetes 2 can lead to serious health problems, such as cardiovascular diseases, loss of limbs and kidney failure. Scientists and experts have given a clear indication that chronic inflammation in the body has a direct link to diabetes.

Although, diabetes 2 can affect people with normal weight, obesity generally drives this illness; also, genetics and environmental factors play a key role in development of diabetes.

What can we do to keep this inflammation at bay?

We can keep chronic inflammation at bay and save ourselves from developing Type 2 diabetes, which is very prevalent. Physical activity, such as walking everyday for 30 minutes releases anti-inflammatory chemicals into the body. People with high risk of diabetes 2 must indulge in physical activity, any moderate regular exercise; such as walking, is very beneficial. We can do well by taking diet and ingredients carrying anti-inflammatory properties, diet can help keep chronic inflammation at bay.

Most fruits, vegetables and leafy greens have anti-inflammatory properties, avocadoes, walnuts, olive oil and whole foods can help reduce chronic inflammation. What foods can increase inflammation in the body is a no-brainer, foods with Trans fats, red meat, processed foods, alcohol and smoking, all cause inflammatory reactions in the body. Steering clear of unhealthy and unnatural diet, exercising daily can help you stay safe from diabetes 2 and other illnesses related to it.

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