Our bodies are designed to cleanse naturally. However we have overburdened our bodies with stress, toxins, and chemicals processed foods which makes it increasingly difficult for our bodies to perform natural cleansing.

Do you think that you might have a problem with cleansing?  Have you ever considered taking one or a battery of preventative tests to see whether or not your body is performing natural cleansing at the optimal level?

One outcome from our inability to complete the cleansing process is the production of inflammation throughout our systems. Science now tells us that long term inflammation has a cumulative effect on us and it isn’t a good one. It interferes with every aspect of bodies from the brain to our toes.  We have a series of preventative tests which will help you determine where you are in the cleanse process and what steps might be required to complete your full body cleanse.

What is inflammation of the body?

Inflammation is the body’s natural reaction to infections and injuries, the body’s immune system activates and the infected area becomes swollen or red. The human body works in a balance and it has to work in a balance to co-ordinate and control all the systems. For example, the body produces fever and becomes hot when we catch a cold, this is acute inflammation, and it is crucial to the body for fighting against infections. What if this inflammation goes out of control? A situation known as chronic inflammation that is very harmful for the internal system of the body. The pro-inflammatory hormones in the body work in a systematic manner to reduce infection and start the healing process. Chronic inflammation is a term that is used to describe the situation when the inflammatory responses in your body go out of control, or are always activated or are at a high alert at all times.

How is chronic inflammation affecting my body?

Did you know chronic inflammation is directly linked to heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and aging? Recent research shows that chronic inflammation is more harmful than the researchers had thought a decade ago. People with overactive immune system or chronic inflammation often suffer with repeated bouts of allergic reactions. This hidden inflammation is known to cause heart diseases, dementia, depression, and even cancer. These unchecked inflammatory responses also cause premature aging, wrinkles, fatigue, and diabetes. This kind of inflammation has no obvious symptoms, and most people don’t realize they’re suffering from chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can be tested through chemical tests.

What are the main causes of chronic inflammation?

Inflammatory factors are a part of our everyday, modern lifestyle, the prime reason of chronic inflammation found by the researchers is a poor and imbalance diet. Any diet that lacks the antioxidants, is low in nutrition and high in flavor can lead to chronic inflammation. A diet high in sugars, Trans fats, hydrogenated oils, pollutants; toxins and pesticides in the food can all cause chronic inflammation without you even knowing it. Too much stress can lead to chronic inflammation; our sedentary lifestyle is also taking a toll on our internal system and balance of the body. We shouldn’t go for a totally fat free diet, fats are important, but we should know what fats are good for our body.

How can I reverse the effects of hidden inflammation?

Reversal of chronic inflammation requires detoxification of the body, exercising, and taking fruits and vegetables can help in reversing the effects of hidden inflammation, as these colorful fruits and vegetables are source of antioxidants. As we know, antioxidants fight the free radicals and toxins in the body produced by poor diet. Quit processed foods, and incorporate healthy eating habits, eat food with fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals, use as much as organic and natural food as possible. Use coconut oil and olive oil; avoid diet with gluten if you have been tested positive for gluten sensitivity.

Our body is not designed to digest artificial preservatives, flavorings, and additives that are a vital part of the processed foods. These foods cause internal stress and inflammatory responses that are not natural. Digestive inflammation can be healed by taking probiotics. Garlic, ginger and Turmeric are very effective in a whole body detoxification. You can start making changes in your lifestyle right now; you can also take a short whole-body cleansing program to get you started with your goal of achieving an inflammation-free body.