Detoxifying Oral Health

Detoxification of the Mouth For Great Oral Health

Just the way you would want to detoxify your body, detoxification of the mouth is very important, too. Our mouth is home to a multitude of organisms; good bacteria that aid in digestion and bad bacteria that cause a variety of teeth and gum infections. The bad bacteria is always there because of the food we take in, sometimes when these organisms grow out of control, they cause diseases, such as gingivitis, bad breath, cavities, plaque, Periodontitis, not only this, these bacteria can travel to rest of the body and cause chronic illnesses. It is important to have a balance of good and bad bacteria in the mouth.

You can use many natural ways to detoxify your mouth, teeth and gum infections are easily preventable if we follow a regular cleansing routine. You certainly don’t want these infectious bacteria to move into the rest of the body, and cause illnesses like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, bacterial pneumonia and other illnesses. Listed below are a few ways to cleanse your mouth of toxins and infectious bacteria, and have sparkling white teeth.

Oil Pulling To Clean and Whiten Teeth

Oil pulling is a traditional method that cleanses and detoxifies gums and teeth, oil pulling helps in removing harmful bacteria from the mouth that are the source of gum infections and cavities. Oil pulling is a simple procedure that is done with organic and natural oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil. Take around 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and swish in your mouth, swish for 15-20 minutes, and spit out. Rinse well and brush your teeth.
Oil pulling is preferably done in the morning or before eating any meal. This method will remove toxins, harmful bacteria and other pathogens from your mouth.

Tongue Scraping

Tongue scraping is the easiest way to remove pathogens from the mouth cavity, a method that dates back to centuries; in this method you just scrap your tongue with a tongue scraper. It will clean bacteria, food debris, fungi and dead cells from the surface of the tongue. Our digestive system deposits body toxins on the surface of the tongue, these toxins when reabsorbed in the body can lead to problems, including digestive and respiratory. Tongue scarping is effective, not only it cleans your mouth, it frees the blocked taste buds, so can enjoy your food even more.
A tongue scarper is usually a thin, U shaped metal that is available at all leading stores. Stick out your tongue and place the scraper on it, scrap the surface for around 5 to 10 times, best done early in the morning.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea not only provides antioxidants for the body and helps you lose weight, it also improves oral health, and frequent consumption of green tea promotes healthy gums and teeth. Green tea has high levels of antioxidant, Catechin this antioxidant has anti-inflammatory properties, and it helps in reducing periodontal disease. Drinking green tea early in the morning is very effective.
You can improve oral health and promote detoxification by taking oral probiotics, take prescribed oral probiotics that will provide a defense against the bad bacteria. Choose toothpaste that uses natural ingredients to clean you mouth, such as, neem, eucalyptus, clove and peppermint, instead of using toothpastes with fluoride, sodium laureth sulfate, and triclosan.