Sevalife 7-day whole body cleanse is designed to make your weight loss and health and wellness goals a reality. Whole foods that are free of any preservatives or additives, and are not processed can make dramatic changes in your overall health and wellness. Get support from experienced Sevalife health coaches and start your customized whole food-cleansing program, today. However, eating whole foods is just the beginning, 7-day whole body cleanse is the first part of the whole body cleanse program.

It is helpful to take our health assessment 3 days before and 3 days after your cleanse.


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Level OneSevalifeWhole Food Cleanse +Healing kit

Just getting started with the whole body cleansing? Try a whole food cleanse, it is a 7-day cleanse program to help your body recover from toxins and chemicals that come from processed foods and cause inflammation, this inflammation is slowing your mind and bringing your energy down. Rejuvenate yourself from head to toe while stimulating your body to rid itself of unwanted pounds and lose weight naturally. Includes 14-day suggested meal plan to flush toxins out of the body and support your mind body and smile.Find out more

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Level Two
Sevalife whole food regimen+ oxy-powder colon cleanse+healing kit

Are you ready to take the whole-body cleanse to the next level? You can do this by adding a natural colon cleanser with your whole foods eating regimen. Not sure if you need colon support? Take the colon health quiz. colon test
Find out more about the benefits of oxy-powder
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Level Three
The Sevalife whole food regimen + colon +liver cleanse+healingkit+health coach support

The final step in your whole body cleanse is the Liver cleansing, liver cleansing is equally important in achieving a healthy weight and happiness inside and out. Did you know how important liver is in making you lose weight? Liver is the largest gland in the body that produces “Bile”, bile is used in the digestive system in the breakdown of fat. So, if liver is not working in its optimal condition, what you get? Weight gain! At this level of cleansing the kit includes: oxy cleanse for colon,liver cleanse and probiotics for gut and colon health.Read More

Find out more about theWhole Body Starter Cleanse Kit

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