Sevalife Weight Loss Philosophy

Trust me – it’s not just you! In terms of weight loss and dieting I have tried everything myself: pills, nutri-bars, shakes, pre-cooked foods…and I always ended up hungry and miserable. Plus, the foods I was told to eat did nothing to help me with any of my food sensitivities nor help bring my high blood pressure under control.

But above all: I did not learn how to maintain a healthy weight. I had weight loss, but could  not keep it off – so I put it back on. And why? Because the programs were not designed to show me how to eat healthily and take care of myself. I was totally dependent on these programs and when they were over or I ran out of money, it was back to ‘same ole, same ole’ for me. Sound familiar?

I used to avoid social events because my clothes didn’t fit and I refused to buy a bigger size! Yet my closet had about 4 different sizes of clothes, following me having been through all of those different (and failed!) weight  loss programs.

So, I decided to really start to focusing on myself and what made ME feel good, rather than being told how I should feel, and you know what? That change in mindset was what all of a sudden made all the difference for me.

Whole cleansing foods were at the core of my transition and my relationship with food changed also. My goal shifted from dress sizes to ‘my inner smile quotient’. I felt free to be me, I felt whole, happy and fabulous…!

So, let food be your friend and treat your whole body to what it needs and deserves.

“I am committed to helping my clients realize their long-term dreams through healthy eating and living.”