Principles of the 7 Day Whole Body Cleanse

Each meal has healthy fat, non- starchy carbs and protein and predominantly raw menu. These are the building blocks of nutrition. The spices enhance the flavor but also enhance the cleansing and fat burning properties in your meals.

Every day you have a smoothie, salad, veggie snacks and your choice of a chicken, fish or veggie dinner. All are designed to promote cleansing and healing

The teas are specific for their cleansing properties – enjoy them throughout the day.

The centerpiece of the cleanse is the Seva Salad, which adds different greens and spices that support your entire body.

Dinners are tasty treats that also support your entire body and promote cleansing.

Each day your modules will be released that explain the importance of the foods you are eating.  The recipe amounts allow for you to have leftovers that you can have as a snack the following day.

Getting Ready

Each day new modules will be released that explain the importance of the foods you are eating.

Prior to your cleanse week:

  • Make a big salad then add toppings and extras each day
  • Choose your cleanse soup and make a pot. It should last a few days
  • If you are having veggies or stir fry prepare your veggies by chopping them and store them in the fridge to use as needed.
  • Chose your dinner (soup, chicken or fish) and you can make enough for a few days

Then each day all you need to do is prepare your smoothies and you are ready!


 Supporting Documentation

Attached is following Supporting Documentation:

1. Your Cleanse Recipes

2. Shopping List

3. Principles & Protocol

4. Your 7 Day Meal Plan

Please download, save and (if required) print  these documents ready for your 7 Day Whole Body Cleanse.