The number one way to fight inflammation and achieve your weight loss goals or specific wellness goals is to take the step to eat clean. We meet to you where you are and have 3 levels of cleanse programs that you can tailor. Address food allergies, lower stress and find balance.

It’s all about you. Create your cleanse program from the range of options below. Whether you start with our 7 day whole body cleanse or opt for a more comprehensive option including more days, liver cleanse, colon cleanse and life coach – the choice is yours.

Welcome To Create Your Cleanse Program

Sevalife 7-day whole body cleanse is designed to make your weight loss and health and wellness goals a reality. Whole foods that are free of any preservatives or additives, and are not processed can make dramatic changes in your overall health and wellness. Get support from experienced Sevalife health coaches and start your customized whole food-cleansing program, today. However, eating whole foods is just the beginning, 7-day whole body cleanse is the first part of the whole body cleanse program.

It is helpful to take our health assessment 3 days before and 3 days after your cleanse.

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Sevalife Whole Food Cleanse $29.00

Just getting started with the whole body cleansing? Try a whole food cleanse, it is a 7-day cleanse program to help your body recover from toxins and chemicals that come from processed foods and cause inflammation, this inflammation is slowing your mind and bringing your energy down. With the 7 day whole food cleanse you will fall in love with food again. Support your entire body to include your smile and get the support you need from our team of experts.

  • Rejuvenate yourself from head to toe.
  • Stimulating your body to rid itself of unwanted pounds and lose weight naturally.
  • Includes 14-day suggested meal plan to flush toxins out of the body and support your mind body and smile.
  • Sevalife healing kit included.
  • Whole food cleansing e-book.
  • Get 20% discount on preventative tests inflammation score, gluten sensitivity, food allergy.
  • Coaching on the go. We support you from wherever you are.

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Sevalife Whole Food Cleanse $29 + Colon Cleanse Kit $59.95

Your cleanse and the support you need to really make a change.

Are you ready to take the whole-body cleanse to the next level? You can do this by adding a natural colon cleanser with your whole foods eating regimen. Level two includes 14 days of whole food suggested meal plans that stimulate your body to function optimally and includes oxy powder an effective colon cleanser.


  • Facilitate toxin removal and improve colon health
  • Relieve constipation, bloating to improve overall digestive health
  • Reduce the risk of colon cancer
  • Increase your energy and promote weight loss
  • Get started
  • 14 Day whole food suggested meal plan
  • Sevalife Healing kit included( lavender massage oil, natural soap, cinnamon stick, green tea)
  • Cleansing 101 e-book
  • Private facebook group
  • Client workbook
  • Coaching on the go.(Our new app to coach from where ever you are)
  • 20% discount on our preventative tests inflammation score, gluten sensitivity and food allergies
  • Probiotics to promote healthy gut bacteria
  • Bonus: 30 minute health coaching session
  • Oxy-Powder tablets ( colon cleanse is safe and non-allergenic unlike laxatives)

Find out more about the benefits of oxy-powder and later flora

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Coaching Only $40.00

Health Kit Only $59.95

Note: For best results, we advise you to get both packages or you can avail our 7 day Whole Body Cleanse.

Sevalife 21 Day Whole Food Regimen $40 + Body Cleanse #84.95

The Sevalife 21 day whole food regimen + colon +liver cleanse+healing kit+ live health coach support.

A most important component of a cleanse is liver support. The liver is the body’s detoxification system. Only your liver can remove toxins. And today more than ever, toxins in food and the environment build-up fast and destroy your organs and speed aging in your body. Overwhelmed and overworked, your liver sends those it can’t clear to fat cells for storage. These toxins pollute your body and cause weight gain, disrupt your metabolism, create fatigue, and lead to an unfocused, confused mind.

Get started

  • Sevalife 21 day whole food suggested meal plan designed to support the entire you.
  • Oxy Powder colon cleanse
  • Livatrex liver cleanse
  • Latero Flora Probiotics for gut and colon health.
  • Cleansing 101 e book
  • 20 % discount on all preventative testing inflammation score, gluten testing and food intolerance testing
  • One private coaching session to help uncover a strategy for long term change and to support you during your cleanse journey.

Find out more about the Whole Body Starter Cleanse Kit

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When You Sign Up

  • 7 days of meals designed to support your entire body
  • Bonus modules for meditation and a healing lifestyle
  • Your personal client workbook to track your progress
  • Healing kit- lavender massage oil, healing cinnamon, natural soap
  • 7 days of coaching on the go. We coach you from anywhere with our coaching app
  • One private coaching session
  • Cleansing 101 e-book
  • Livatrex Liver Cleanse Kit
Coaching Only $40.00

Body Cleanse Only $84.95

Note: For best results, we advise you to get both packages or you can avail our 7 day Whole Body Cleanse.